Sunday, July 15
Saturday, August 4
‍Saturday, August 25

Learn how to brew beer! In this beginner level class, we introduce you to the art and science of homebrewing in our classroom kitchen. We discuss malt, yeast, and hops, partial mash brewing, and how to avoid and troubleshoot the most common problems.


Berry Wine - Sunday, July 22
Stone Fruit - Sunday, August 12

Summer fruit is ripening and ready to ferment! Learn about the history of fruit winemaking, learn what goes into good fruit wine, how to bottle, and be a part of making a batch in class!


Saturday, July 28, 2–4pm

Learn how to brew a ginger beer! This class will discuss the different approaches to making this spicy, gluten-free beer, and how to avoid common pitfalls, such as bottle explosions, many at-home fermentologists encounter. Taste samples of commercial ginger beer as you learn the steps to making it yourself!


Sunday, July 29, 1–4:30pm

In this intermediate-level class, we wiill focus on this relatively new beer style that brings hop character to the fore. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of brewing and fermenting this hybrid of lager and IPA. We’ll utilize modern hopping techniques while at the same time drawing from from traditional brewing of Czech pilsner or Vienna lager.


Sunday, August 26, 2–4pm

The Pioneer Valley is one of the finest cidermaking regions in the world. Delve into the history of cidermaking, taste sweet and hard ciders, and learn everything you need to know to make your own hard cider!

Classes include complimentary samples for attendees age 21+.
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