Sunday, January 7 - 1–4pm
Saturday, January 27 - 1–4pm

Learn how to brew beer! In this beginner level class, we introduce you to the art and science of homebrewing in our classroom kitchen. We discuss malt, yeast, and hops, partial mash brewing, and how to avoid and troubleshoot the most common problems.


Saturday, January 13- 2–4pm
$45 - includes 1 gallon glass jar, starter tea, cheese cloth, and scoby

Make your own kombucha right here at Beerology! We'll discuss the history of this fermented elixir and cover sanitation, fermentation, bottling and carbonation, flavoring, and troubleshooting. Each attendee gets to bring home a gallon of kombucha to ferment at home.


Sunday, January 14 - 2–4pm

The Pioneer Valley is one of the finest cidermaking regions in the world. Delve into the history of cidermaking, discover different styles and processes, taste fresh and fermented ciders, and learn everything you need to make your own!

HOMEBREWING 201: Baltic porter

Saturday, January 20 - 1–4:30pm

This is one of the only beers you can appropriately brew as an ale or a lager. We'll discuss the style's history and myriad recipe possibilities—all while brewing up a lager version of this full-bodied, smooth style that focuses on the fruity end of the malt spectrum.


Sunday, January 21 - 2–4pm

Learn the fundamentals of making wine! We'll discuss winemaking history, equipment, and procedure, and will guide you through the step-by-step process for making wine at home.

style tasting series

Session A - Sunday, January 28 - 2–4pm
Session B - Sunday, February 11, 2–4pm
$40, or $35 each for 2+ tickets

In our Beer Style Tasting series, we guide you through tasting and evaluating a variety of beer styles. Using commercial beers, you will learn how to identify the sensory components that differentiate styles and the history of each style we discuss. This series is especially suitable for servers, bartenders, aspiring beer judges, and anyone who loves beer and wants to learn more! Classes are divided into sessions A-F and may be taken in any order.

Classes include complimentary samples for attendees age 21+.
Interested in signing up for a class?
Give us a call at 413-829-BEER to reserve your spot today!