Saturday, March 17 - 2–4pm

Bitter. Floral. Citrusy. Dank. What is it that gives hops their unique characteristics. Explore the world of hops in this interactive class: sample singled-hopped beers, do hop rubbings, and learn about the science of malt's best friend. Includes complementary tastings of hopped beverages.


Saturday, March 18 - 1–4:30pm
Saturday, April 7 - 1–4:30pm
Sunday, April 22 - 1–4:30pm

Learn how to brew beer! In this beginner level class, we introduce you to the art and science of homebrewing in our classroom kitchen. We discuss malt, yeast, and hops, partial mash brewing, and how to avoid and troubleshoot the most common problems.


Session D: Sunday, April 8 - 2–4pm
Session E: Sunday, April 15 - 2–4pm
Session F: Saturday, April 21 - 2–4pm
$40/ticket or $35/ticket for 2+

In our Beer Style Tasting series, we guide you through tasting and evaluating a variety of beer styles. Using commercial beers, you will learn how to identify the sensory components that differentiate styles and the history of each style we discuss. This series is especially suitable for servers, bartenders, aspiring beer judges, and anyone who loves beer and wants to learn more! There are six session (A–F) which are all different and may be taken in any order.


Saturday, April 14 - 2–4pm

Learn the fundamentals of making wine! We'll discuss winemaking history, equipment, and different kinds of approaches, and will guide you through the step-by-step process for making wine at home.

Homebrewing 201 - MILKSHAKE IPA

Sunday, April 29 - 1–4:30pm

Fruit + lactose + hops? You bet your tired hands we're doing a milkshake IPA! In this intermediate class, we will brew up a big, fruity New England IPA with a few twists.

Classes include complimentary samples for attendees age 21+.
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