Sunday, June 24 - 1–4:30pm

Though it is the most-produced beer (by volume) in the world, golden lagers are quite difficult to make well. In this class, we’ll brew up one of these light, refreshing lagers and discuss how to make a flavorful German pilsner (and not that bland, fizzy, yellow stuff). We’ll cover topics such as water adjustments, fermentation options, and of course, the German Beer Purity Law, Reinheitzgebot. Prost!


B: Sunday, June 25 - 3–5pm
C: Saturday, July 22 - 3–5pm
D: Saturday, August 5, 3–5pm

In our Beer Style Tasting series, we guide you through tasting and evaluating a variety of beer styles. Using commercial beers, you will learn how to identify the sensory components that differentiate styles and the history of each style we discuss. This series is especially suitable for servers, bartenders, aspiring beer judges, and anyone who loves beer and wants to learn more. Classes are divided into sessions A–F and may be taken in any order.


Saturday, July 15 - 1–4pm
Sunday, July 23 - 1–4pm

Learn how to brew beer! In this beginner level class, we introduce you to the art and science of homebrewing in our classroom kitchen. We willdiscuss malt, yeast, and hops, partial mash brewing, and how to avoid and troubleshoot the most common problems.


Sunday, July 16 - 2–4pm

Bitter. Floral. Citrusy. Dank. What is it that gives hops their unique characteristics? Explore the world of hops in this interactive class: sample single-hopped beers, do hop rubbings, and learn about the science of malt's best friend.


Saturday, July 29 - 1–4:30pm

This Smoked Märzen is a lager featuring a balance of smoke and malt with just a bit of residual sweetness. In this intermediate class, we'll dig into the Bamberg Rauchbier tradition, discuss lagering techniques, and contemplate other options within the realm of smoked beer.


Sunday, July 30 - 2–4pm

Summer fruit is ripening and ready to ferment! Learn about the history of fruit winemaking, learn what goes into good fruit wine, and be a part of making a batch in class! (And we'll let you know when it's ready to come try!)

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